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How many vegan belts are needed to save one cow's life?

Have you ever thought about how many leather belts are made from the cowhide of one cow? How many cows can humanity save if we stop wearing leather belts?

So we collected some interesting data for you - tell your acquaintances, move to vegan belts and thus eliminate our dependence on animals :)

Cowhide to leather

Once a cow has been killed, the skin is removed. It is then selected in the raw state, at the very first moment when it is salted. It is organized by size and color. In the leather industry, the cow's skin is treated as the square area trapped in the skin area that removed from the cow.

As shown in the diagram below, the average size of the skin cut for belts is 180X165 cm.

Whole Cowhide For Belts

The leftovers of the unexploited skin is often used to make smaller leather products or to use the residues to produce processed leather - more details on processed leather can be found HERE

* It is important to note that the skin as a natural substance does not always appear as a perfect material and in some situations whole pieces of skin are disqualified from processing because they have signs of scars, stings, etc.):

The Average Width Of Leather Belt

The common widths of belts for men and women are:

  • 1 cm - women
  • 2 cm - women
  • 3 cm - women and men
  • 3.5 cm - women and men
  • 4 cm - men and women
  • 4.5 cm - mainly men

* It is true, there are intermediate widths and there are also wider belts, but we referred to the most common widths that are most widely used among humans.

If so, the average belt width is - 3 cm

The average length of the human waist

Waist Size

According to studies, the average length of a woman's waist is 29.9 inches (76 cm) and the average length of a man's waist is 35.4 inches (90 cm). To calculate the average length of a belt, we add an additional 15 cm to the waistline size because the belt is usually longer than the waist.

Therefore, we will refer to the most common belt length as 115 cm

The amount of belts made from the skin of one cow

They divide the skin into two parts:

  • 115X180
  • 50X180

60 belts can be made from the first part.

The second part is divided into two parts

  • 50X115
  • 50X65

From the first part you can make another 16 belts

Of the remaining 50X65 cm, they prepare the loops, buckle holders or simply throw them in the trash ):

Whole Cowhide For Belts

So…. one cow's skin can make 76 belts!

If the world’s population is 7.6 billion people and each one of us has at least one leather belt that means we use the skins of at least 100 million cows only for the benefit of our belts.

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